Feel free to tell me I'm wrong here, but I don't ever remember a DVD that carried a director's commentary set entirely to music. Maybe I'm nuts and totally missing a title or five, but I can't imagine this is all that popular. Joss Whedon gave TV Guide an exclusive look at his new musical, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (which is just the most awesomest title in the history of EVER!), and in an interview with the director, he says the DVD (which he hopes will make a little money so that the people who worked on this thing for nada can get something back) will include "A musical commentary that is a completely original musical, that is all commentary songs, and we're writing that now." He adds, "We're just piling it on. We're like, we're going to make more fun of the idea of extras than anything else."

The musical itself will debut on the internet for free in three chapters (Whedon calls it an "Internet miniseries event"), with Part 1 arriving on July 15, Part 2 on July 17 and Part 3 on July 18. You can view them all over at the film's official site, which is currently hosting a teaser. Check out TV Guide for a mildly spoilerish review, then let us know what you think about this bold, adventurous project. Additionally, check out this 8-page online comic about Dr. Horrible's nemesis, Captain Hammer, written by Zach Whedon.

A musical commentary? Really? What other films deserve a musical commentary?

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