Collectibles! Is there any word that can warm a geek heart so quickly? I haven't addressed them here on the Beat, and not only is it long overdue, it's also timely. San Diego ComicCon is only weeks away, and it's practically the Holy Land for collectors. Already, the list of con exclusives has hit the net, and you can smell the Preview Night stampede brewing.

Every year, this buying frenzy fascinates me, and I find myself gaping at the shelves of action figures, statues, and busts. I covet very little in the way of memorabilia, and I'm always wondering about the people who do. How do they afford it? Where do they put it all? Even on the rare occasion that I do long to own something like Sideshow Collectibles' impeccably dressed Lara Croft, the practical half of me can't comprehend spending that kind of money. Even if I had thousands to drop on such things, I don't think I ever would, for the simple reason that I'd have to dust them. Blech.
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