Yes, American women, you have your beloved Sex and the City, and you may or may not want your Friends in the future, but you have nothing to compare to the female population in Japan, who are singing, en masse, the praises of Boys Over Flowers!

Currently sweeping the nation, Boys Over Flowers: Final shoved old Indiana Jones and his silly old Crystal Skull out of the way, Box Office Mojo tells us, wresting the #1 spot away from the Spielberg-Lucas devil child, whose fridge has indeed been nuked. Crystal Skull is in its second week of release in Japan; playing on 788 screens, it averaged $7,810 per screen, while Boys Over Flowers: Final averaged more than three times that amount. What's the Japanese word for "ka-ching!"?

As you might suspect from its English-language title, the phenomenom is not new, beginning with a manga series (Hana Yori Dango) published from 1992 to 2003. Among other spin-offs, an anime series was broadcast (available on Region 1 DVD), as well as a hugely popular live-action television series that aired in two 11-episode arcs in 2005 and 2007, following the travails of a "working-class girl [Inoue Mao] at an elite prep school who must contend with a four-man clique of rich, gorgeous guys," as Variety summarized. The movie wraps things up. Kevin at Nippon Cinema has a good synopsis of the whole thing, along with a teaser and a trailer from the Japanese-language official site.

Boys Over Flowers: Final proved very popular with young women aged 16 through 19, who supplied 25% of the audience, according to lunapark6. Owing to its popularity, perhaps an enterprising US company will pick up DVD rights and make the movie available in the US.