What Just Happened has opened the Karlovy Vary Film Festival to a less than enthusiastic crowd, which I don't find particularly surprising, but Robert De Niro has other things to talk about.

Variety reports that he talked about the possible actors' strike at a press conference this weekend. De Niro said: "I do not think it is a good time to strike now. The issues could be resolved over the next couple of years (without strike action)." He also noted that he didn't think actors have "done their homework" to get a good deal, and that "I do not know if it is the right time to be doing this at all with the economy the way it is." Between the economy and the wake of the last strike, it certainly seems like the worst possible time, although I'm sure some would say a few years is a long time to wait.

While that gets sorted out, De Niro is looking to the future. He says that we should expect at least two more films between him and Martin Scorsese because it's "a lot of fun" to work together. De Niro is currently working on the first of these projects, to be ready for 2009, but does not want to discuss it. (He noted earlier that he was "superstitious about talking about it.")

Meanwhile, there's also The Good Shepherd. He is hoping to make two sequels to the CIA Cold War drama: one detailing 1961-1989, and another that brings Edward Wilson (Matt Damon) to the present day. There's definitely enough material to talk about, but what do you think? Is it time for more Shepherd?
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