You can go to a studio for money, get a grant, or put yourself into massive debt to make a movie. Or, you can reach out to the world via the Internet. Jam! reports that Canadian television director Casey Walker (Adrenaline Project) has hit the net to get funding for his new film -- Free For All...but you!

Citing the difficulty new Canadian filmmakers face when trying to get funding through Telefilm (and you thought the tax credit issues were the only challenge...), Walker decided to sell frames of his film. For $10 a pop, you can buy a frame of the movie, get a credit in the film, advertisement rights on his website, and part of the profits if the film is a success (My Million Dollar So far, the man has made almost 200 grand, so he's doing something right.

I'm thinking this funding technique should also help in the wake of Bill C10. See, this project isn't the type to appeal to those allergic to alternative lifestyles. It's the story of a young geek who does his friend a favor and moves in with the friend's new crush. Of course, he starts to fall for the girl ... but wait! She has a 7-way relationship. The "7-sided relationship seems ideal -- casual sex with anyone inside the group -- anytime, anywhere. It's been ten years and no one has ever cheated." But things start to change -- the girl deals with her interests outside of the group while the geek deals with orgies in his home. Basically, if Young People F**king caused a ruckus, this definitely should.
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