After an explosive entry to the cinematic world with the hard-hitting, Academy Award-winning Boys Don't Cry, Kimberly Peirce backed away from the movie spotlight. However, it wasn't a vacation. During her hiatus, she worked on a project that came to be Stop Loss, which hits DVD shelves today. Last week, Cinematical got the chance to talk to the director about the film, how she approaches filmmaking, and what her plans for the future are. It's a great discussion about how her life influences her work, and vice versa, and it's quite interesting when she discusses casting with a military metaphor.

However, her work's not done in the world of stop loss. While the movie is out to audiences, she continues to champion the soldiers suffering due to this practice. She's speaking in Washington, D.C. on the matter, and helping the cause through -- where you can check out a collection of videos made by soldiers and their families.