Zack Snyder wouldn't confirm it last month when he talked to Collider, but Coming Soon has now scored confirmation about which trailers Warner Brothers Pictures is tacking on to the next Batman installment when it hits next week on July 18.

Wonderfully and most importantly, is Watchmen. I can only hope that it shows some action, and a good look at the heroes (including Doc Manhattan), rather than a teaser that lays on more anticipatory torment. The next in the list is, fittingly, Terminator Salvation, which will give us a taste of Bale in the future, before the trailers end and he slips into the batsuit. Finally, there's Ridley Scott's Body of Lies.

Does this affect your moviegoing plans in any way? When I bought my midnight screening tickets for The Dark Knight a week or two ago, my friend and I had a whole discussion about screens -- do we see Batman in IMAX with no Watchmen, or see it on a normal screen and finally delight in the first teaser. We opted to skip the IMAX experience this time, but what about you? Do these trailers change your plans at all? Will you now see the film on a certain screen, or check out the movie earlier to see Snyder's eagerly anticipated trailer?