I'll admit it: When I read the story of how Colombian agents managed to infiltrate a rebel commando outpost to bloodlessly rescue politician Ingrid Betancourt and 14 others (including three Americans) who had been held hostage there for six years, not my first (but maybe my second or third) thought was: This could make a great movie. Unfortunately, someone else had the same brilliant idea and beat me to the film rights. A prominent Colombian production company is teaming up with the American producers of this summer's The Strangers to bring the story to the screen. No writer is attached, but Colombian filmmaker Simon Brand (Unknown) is attached to direct.

The movie sounds like it's going to focus on the rescue operation, which is certainly understandable. It's a case of truth being better than fiction -- the rescuers flew in on a civilian helicopter and managed to convince the rebels that they had orders to fly the hostages to a camp to meet with a rebel leader; the hostages got on a helicopter and flew away and the rebels were arrested. Awesome. Upon reading more about what Betancourt went through, though, I'm almost more interested in her six-year hell of being shuffled around anonymous jungle camps to avoid discovery. That had to have been a life-changing experience.

On the other hand, Betancourt has already announced that she's writing a play about the ordeal. So maybe we can have both.
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