Happy day! Today, we get to talk about the Master of Magnetism and his origin movie! Or, at least, we get to discuss it via the script reviews, as two have popped up online, courtesy of Sal's Scripts and the Coventry Telegraph. A special thanks goes out to io9 for alerting me, and for their ever interesting commenters who spurred me into writing.

You see, without getting into the spoilery aspects of the script reviews, a few people took issue with X-Men's archvillain being made sympathetic. To make a long review short and spoiler-free, Magneto's origin story will center on his time in Auschwitz. Once free, he spends his adulthood hunting down the Nazis who tortured and experimented on him. The movie will be less about Magneto's issues with homo sapiens, and more about his quest for justice. Professor Xavier pops up in it as a friend, but it doesn't look like this film will delve into their break or diverging philosophies.

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