Considering that Rogue Pictures was content with bumping back writer-director Bryan Bertino's feature debut, The Strangers, countless times, only for it to turn around and gross a commendable $52 million, it seems appropriate that the studio throws the man a bone with a two-picture deal and seven figures for each.

Not too shabby, says I, and having enjoyed The Strangers, I take further comfort in knowing that the deal does not include a sequel to that film -- although I know that doesn't stop it from happening without him.

According to Variety, one is called Black, the other Alone, and besides that, precious little is known about either film (the former project is described by the trade publication as being "a character-driven thriller with supernatural elements." Alrighty then...) Bertino is simultaneously working on a third thriller called Green Eyes at Paramount. As with the other two, there isn't so much as an IMDb page to be found for it, although it is admittedly early on yet in the process for many details to leak out.

Regardless, I for one am looking forward to seeing the man dodge the sophomore slump. And you?

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