I'm still a little iffy on the way this whole Dark Knight thing was handled; how it was screened for press three weeks prior to its arrival in theaters, with Warners letting folks go crazy with regards to reviews, interviews and all that jazz. The pre-hype has reached an epic level, sure, but doesn't it sorta take away from films like Hancock or Hellboy II: The Golden Army? Shouldn't they get their time to shine? I feel likeThe Dark Knight kinda stomped into town, shoved off a bunch of other films and said, "I'm here now ... a little early, so deal with it."

Well, we are dealing with it. And it's interesting to see how different forms of media are handling the promotion of the Bat-quel. Online, of course, you're getting all the geeky reviews -- with some folks stopping just short from calling it the greatest thing to ever happen to cinema in the history of the universe. Last night on TV, my local news did a whole piece on Heath Ledger's performance and how everyone is talking Oscar and how, ya know, he's dead and stuff. I wasn't paying too close attention, but some of the ridiculous things they said -- about Ledger being dead and how that's the only reason why people want to see the film -- were just so overtly offensive to anyone with even a half an ounce of respect for the man. I was a tad disgusted, but then again I kind of expected it -- these news organizations don't look at people as human beings, they look at them as stories. Sensational stories.

But back to the hype ...
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