There are not enough obscenities in the English language to describe how much I hated -- hated, hated, hated -- this spring's "romantic" "comedy" Made of Honor. The completely nonsensical title was far from the worst of it. The movie hadn't the remotest notion of humor, or romance, or the way human beings behave. I don't remember another time I've been that irritated and embarrassed in a movie theater. It was honestly one of the worst wide releases I've ever seen. Ever.

But it was mildly profitable. Which means that the people behind it have careers in Hollywood. One of those people is screenwriter Adam Sztykiel. And Walden Media has just picked up a pitch from him to write a family comedy called Housebroken, about a motley group of talking animals forced to live under one roof when their owners move in together. The animals will be computer-animated, of course, interacting with live-action adult protagonists. And moving their lips in that grotesque way movie talking animals do.

In a statement about the newly announced project, the CEO of Walden let us know what he thinks of America's children. In lauding his company's enlightened approach to family entertainment, he described Housebroken as "a great conceptual comedy with relatable family issues for adults and talking animals for kids." 'Cause that's all kids want or need when they go to the movies: talking animals. Man, thank God for Pixar.
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