Sorry, High School Musical fans -- the trailer isn't attached to this post, but I can tell you when you can lay your eyes on the singing school extravaganza.

Coming Soon has thrown up a Disney press release for High School Musical 3: Senior Year. You won't have to go see some random movie to get a peek. Instead, you just have to lean back and relax in front of your television. The first look at the trailer will air on July 13, at 7:55 P.M. ET/PT, preceding an encore of Camp Rock. (Note: A bunch of other countries with Disney will get this as well -- Canada, Japan, UK, Australia, etc.) And there won't be a long wait before it hits the net -- will start showing it 12:01 A.M. ET.

Oh, but there's more! Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens will host the trailer, and include the song "Now or Never," which will be up on Radio Disney tomorrow.

And for those of you who groan at this news: beware! The teenyboppers will descend upon movie theaters to see this puppy on October 24.