Bit by bit, the cast is falling into place. In March, Dermot Mulroney signed on to star in Run For Her Life -- the story of a father whose daughter needs a lung transplant. Since the young girl is low on the US list, he heads to Mexico to pay his way onto their list -- only to find out that they're killing thousands of kids for their organs. In June, Diane Kruger signed on to play his wife.

While there's still no young girl to be placed in the middle of all this (a Fanning maybe?), The Hollywood Reporter posts that Sam Shepard (The Notebook), Rosanna Arquette (Buffalo 66), Jordi Molla (Elizabeth: The Golden Age), and Vincent Perez (The Crow: City of Angels) have joined the mix. So, first is the source of all this intrigue -- Shepard is playing a DA who got an illegal heart transplant and persuades the couple to find one for their kid. Meanwhile, Arquette will play a pediatrician they talk to, Perez plays a doctor in a practice that "isn't quite what it seems to be," and Molla plays a corrupt cop.

Will Mulroney be a savior to everyone? Or, will he take some poor kids lungs to make his daughter better?
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