How hot is The Dark Knight? So hot that we've done eight (8) posts about it in the last nine days. So hot, moreover, that in some markets, a frenzy of sales for July 18th midnight shows have prompted theaters to add 3am shows and -- I kid you not -- 6am shows.

Why would anyone go at six in the morning instead of just waiting for a freakin' 10am show? I can think of two reasons: 1) they can't get into the earlier shows, have to go to work on July 18th, and refuse to wait until the weekend, and/or 2) the rest of Friday's shows have already sold out. The latter is certainly true if you want to see the film in IMAX -- the New York Times reports that tickets for all of the first week's showings in Manhattan's Lincoln Square are gone, with the exception of some 6 am shows. Chris Nolan, what hast thou donst?

Though I'm usually itching to participate in fan frenzies, the funny thing is that I have no desire to see The Dark Knight in IMAX. What's more, I'm surprised that people who are familiar with Batman Begins are this eager to do so. Does no one remember the quick-cut visual assaults that were that film's action scenes? Are people dying for a ride on the Vomit Comet? No thank you. Anyone with me?

UPDATED: Okay, okay! I admit I hadn't read (or maybe read and forgot) about Nolan making IMAX-specific adjustments for The Dark Knight. I stand by my comments to the extent that I think seeing any movie for the first time in IMAX is often a nauseating and confusing experience. But by all means have fun.
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