That wiley tax evader otherwise known as Wesley Snipes will get a few last hurrahs!

You might have heard the actor was pushing to be allowed to leave the country so that he could complete work on a few different features. E!Online/Yahoo recently reported that the guy is getting his wish. A federal judge approved Snipes' request, and the actor will be allowed to go to London this month to finish post-work on the horror flick Gallowwalker, and then he'll hit Bangkok in September to shoot Chasing the Dragon. (Any bets on whether the chase will turn on him if they try to bring him back?) Not surprisingly, prosecutors weren't too happy to hear that the actor was given permission with an open-ended return date.

Talk about luck. The guy might have been sentenced to three years in prison this April, but now he gets to travel the world while his lawyers appeal. Do you think he'll ever get put behind bars?
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