Because I can't say it any better than the fans do themselves, I'm going straight to the quote:

We feel young hollywood actress Tara Reid deserves a role in the upcoming Platinum Dunes remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street. She is a very talented and intelligent actor, we feel a a major role, in a major film will help revive her acting career. We feel she would be a truly great addition to the cast. Please truly consider her for a part, and check out how many people would love to see her in you're film.

This is no joke. In fact, 848 friggin people have signed this petition, as of lunchtime, as I write this. Now I understand Tara Reid having fans, and even enjoying her work. However, I am endlessly amused when fans try to assign attributes that just don't fit, like "very talented and intelligent actor." Okay, maybe those 848 think she's talented, but do her roles, or personal life, make "intelligent" one of her main characteristics? Maybe she is, but that's certainly not what she presents to the public.

So, should Tara Reid get to travel to Elm Street, or should she just head back to Salem's Lot? (Her first acting gig was in A Return to Salem's Lot.)

[via JoBlo]
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