Okay, Will Ferrell has nothing to do with the following production news, but when I think male cheerleaders, I think 'Spartans' -- so sue me. While Ferrell is hardly the most dignified symbol of male cheerleaders everywhere, it's not like a Disney dance comedy is going to do much to raise their profile either. Variety reports that Adam Shankman (the musical producer extraordinaire and part-time judge on So You Think You Can Dance) has signed with Disney to produce the male cheerleader comedy, Matadors.

The pitch was written by Mike Bender (Not Another Teen Movie) and is based on the true story of the all-male dance group that performs at home games for The Chicago Bulls. Never heard of them? Don't feel bad, neither had I. But then again, my cheerleader knowledge is limited to what I've learned from watching Bring it On.

Former Laker Girl Anne Fletcher has already signed to direct; Fletcher also worked with Shankman as a choreographer on the dance flick Step-Up back in 2006. According to Variety, the film will primarily be a comedy, but it "will feature extensive dance numbers, drawing on Fletcher's experience as a choreographer." Matadors has not started casting yet, but Fletcher toldThe Hollywood Reporter, "It's an array of guys, with all sorts of shapes and sizes. We'll be able to have fun with the casting." Well, what do you know? Maybe there's a part for Ferrell in Matadors after all.

Who would you like to see shaking their pom poms for Shankman and company? Sound off below ...
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