Just when you thought it was safe to go on a cruise, a teenage girl goes psychotic and tries to kill you with her handheld video game machine. That's the basic premise of the upcoming Japanese teen horror flick Twilight Syndrome: Dead Cruise, whose unusual twist is that "a vindictive bullying victim named Eri (Saki Terashima) ... traps her classmates in a deadly virtual reality game while on a class trip ... controlling it through her DS [Nintendo DS Lite] touchscreen," as described by Kevin at Nippon Cinema. Yup: death by Nintendo.*

The trailer, which you can see at Nippon Cinema, does not make the game's use by a killer the only selling point of the movie, but it's clearly seen in two or three scenes, and Nintendo gets screen credit at the end of the trailer.

The movie is based on a creepy video game from several years ago. According to our good friends at DS Fanboy, a new version of the game, Twilight Syndrome: The Forbidden Urban Legend, is due out on July 26. (They have the trailer too.) That might explain the Nintendo DS product placement, but it's still very odd. The game will be followed by Dead Cruise and then another film in the series -- Twilight Syndrome: Dead Go Round -- two weeks later.

The official site has more information. Twilight Samurai: Dead Cruise splashes onto Japanese screens on August 2. Don't expect an official US DVD release anytime soon.

* UPDATE: Spelling error corrected. Thanks to Cesaria.

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