What's worrying everybody today? The ecology! Going green! What's a dependable movie genre that can be made for a low budget and attract the all-important teen/young adult market? The horror! Going red! Now what if you combine the two?

Then you might have The Colony, described as an "eco-horror tale" by our friends at Variety. The report says that Participant Film has set up a deal based on a pitch by Stacy Title and Jonathan Penner, a filmmaking couple who previously made an Academy Award-nominated short and two features together back in the 90s. I didn't care for The Last Supper, directed by Title, a would-be black comedy featuring Cameron Diaz, Bill Paxton, and an ensemble cast stuck in a cabin in the woods, and I didn't see Let the Devil Wear Black, so I have no idea what to expect. If it helps in any way with our anticipation, Penner is a veteran actor and also appeared on the TV reality show Survivor: Cook Islands.

No plot details for The Colony have been released -- though a bunch of other movies have used that title, including a science fiction thriller set to start filming in January -- so we can let our imaginations run free. Will Penner use his experience on Survivor to inform the tale? What's your ideal eco-horror plot?

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