Ultimately, this news probably comes as a surprise to no one -- but it certainly brings joy to many. Nikki Finke is reporting that Jon Favreau and Marvel have come to a deal, that he's signed for Iron Man 2, and that it's still on track for a 2010 release. It's still unofficial at this point, but given the enormous kerfluffle that arose at the very idea that he wasn't, I'd say Finke is probably spot on. (CHUD's Devin Faraci agrees, as he suspects Finke is a secret Marvel spokesperson.)

And speaking of kerfluffle, it's amazing how much Internet bile has been spewed as a result of the negotiations. Finke threw a choice epithet Favreau's way for rushing to the Internet to "rile up the movie's many fans" when Marvel didn't make an offer fast enough. Now, I realize we're all on the outside looking in, but everyone thought Marvel was dragging their feet when it came to the director. I wouldn't accuse Favreau of whipping fanboys and girls into a frenzy. His MySpace post on the subject was calm and matter-of-fact -- we aren't talking Kanye West level of hysteria here. He remained professional, and didn't descend into name-calling. Way to rise above the fray, Ms. Finke.
(And to add to the drama, IESB is angrily pointing out that they had this story weeks ago, straight from the mouth of Favreau at the Hellboy II premiere.)

Can't we all just get along, applaud the news, and ponder where the sequel will go? I want to do that. That's way more fun. Let's save the anguish for wondering if they're really going to have Iron Man 2 done by 2010, and if so, whether or not it will feel like a rushed mess?

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