I guess Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are too busy waiting for her to give birth, because they're no longer in this whole prom business. In June, Christopher Campbell posted about how a New York Times story was going to be made into a feature film, and that Brangelina had brought it to Paramount and Plan B to get it off the ground.

Now Variety reports that Miramax films have sealed the deal to bring This Strange Thing Called Prom to the big screen. However, they've only got the premise right now. Either they're going to create their own idea from this story, or move on and get the rights from each of the kids involved. As of now, no producer or writer has been attached.

If you're not familiar with Brooke Hauser's article, it follows a bunch of high school seniors at an international high school who are getting ready for prom. Instead of the usual band of promgoers, these kids come from all over the world, areas from Venezuela to Poland. But it's not all magical dances and perfect memories, and the experience "ranged from magical to miserable." But what's particularly cute about this story is that it's a bunch of international students who know nothing of prom coming together, researching the world of prom, and throwing their own. Just their discussions on what prom should be are worth the read.

And here's to hoping they keep the story and diversity in tact.
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