Did you like Tremors? I absolutely loved that movie. What a great combination: characters who were rough around the edges but still funny and likable, jolting, fast-paced direction by Ron Underwood, and very decent special effects, all in service of a solid script by S. S. Wilson and Brent Maddock that didn't take itself too seriously. (Patrick Walsh wrote a loving appreciation last year.) Dozens of people have made modern versions of the 1950s-style monster movies -- the original "animals gone wild" flicks -- but Tremors is one of the very few that succeeded in capturing the right spirit on all counts.

Tremors inspired three sequels and a television series on the Sci-Fi Network. Now the key creative talent involved has decided to reunite to make a different type of action movie. Night Crew is described as "a fast-moving monster tale full of quirky characters, scary moments, and laugh-out-loud humor, but this time in an urban setting," according to production company Stampede Entertainment. Wilson and Maddock have written the script, Underwood is on board to return to the director's chair, and Nancy Roberts will produce, as she did the three sequels.

Obviously, the premise allows room for plenty of fun ideas. I'm always up for monstrous mayhem in urban settings; could we dare hope that this might riff on the Cloverfield / Godzilla movies, but with an actual sense of humor? I'm looking forward to hearing more, especially about the cast.

[ Via Bloody Disgusting ]

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