Yes, I'm back again wanting to get all up in your business and find out what, exactly, you're planning to go see this weekend (otherwise known as "the weekend before Bat-mas ... or Bat-ukah if you're Batish"). If you're in the mood for lots of action featuring some of the most badass monsters this side of the Troll Market, then you'll want to head on over to Guillermo Del Toro's new flick, Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Maybe take in a screening of Hellboy before delving into the sequel -- paint yourself red, punch out a few walls (only if you're over 18) and have a blast.

For the kids, I'm hearing Journey to the Center of the Earth is a must-see in 3D. Cinematical's Chris Campbell raved about the 3D experience he had with this film (I think it was borderline orgasmic for him, but he's a theater geek like that). Keep in mind the 3D might be a little freaky for the real little ones, but it seems like the kind of moviegoing experience I'd have wanted my parents to give me growing up. So do something nice for the little buggers and take them on a journey ... in 3D!

Then you have Eddie Murphy in Meet Dave. It's brought to us by the folks behind Norbit, which means it ain't Oscar material, but I'm sure there are drugs that exist that will make this movie worth the price of admission. Kidding! We love you Eddie ... I just wish you'd produce something a little dirty, a little risky, a little mid-80s. Give us the old Eddie and we'll give you two or three more of these "all-too-safe" comedies.

So, what are you watching movie freaks???