By now I'm sure everyone knows who Thomas Beatie is. At least, you know him by his other name, the "pregnant man." As soon as he popped on the unstoppable media ship that is Oprah, his name and pregnant belly were everywhere. He had the baby earlier this month, and now Variety reports that September Films have scored the worldwide rights to make an hour-long documentary called Pregnant Man.

The 34-year-old grew up as a female, living in Hawaii, getting a black belt, and believe it or not, spending some time as a teen beauty pageant contestant. Ten years ago, Beatie decided to become a man, and began hormone treatments and had breast removal surgery. However, he kept his reproductive organs in order to have a child some time in the future. When the time came, he stopped the hormones and got pregnant -- thus the media whirlwind.

September Films, meanwhile, is really into this sort of thing -- the whole amazing feats of science that TLC often gets into. Aside from Pregnant Man, their slate includes I Am the Elephant Man, The Human Camera, and The Boys Joined at the Head. Personally, I wouldn't choose a company that actively picks out these stories and become just another oddity, but to each their own.
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