Not long ago I gave Sony Pictures Classics props for the way they handled promotion on The Wackness, and I'm about to do the same for Focus Features, who've been pimping out Hamlet 2 like there's no tomorrow. Not only will Hamlet 2 have a major presence at this year's San Diego Comic Con (we're still giving away tickets to that private screening, by the way), but they're also sending around these sweet Hamlet 2 goodie bags and have put together a sing-a-long video for the film's hit song, Rock Me Sexy Jesus.

You can check out that video above, and below we put together a gallery of photos from the film, as well as of the official 2008 Comic Con Survival Kit, with a Hamlet 2 bag, a couple t-shirts, some wristbands, coffee, a book called Reading Comics and a whole bunch of candy (including these really addictive Bazooka bubble gum nuggets). I'm not sure what me lady will say when she arrives home and I'm wearing a Rock Me Sexy Jesus t-shirt (especially since I'm Jewish), but I like to keep her guessing; relationships are more fun that way.

Hamlet 2hits theaters on August 22.