I've been obsessed with Outlander's amazing conceit for ever since I first head about the movie, oh, two years ago. Back in early June, I posted this update, indicating that the movie still existed, albeit in the iron grip of the Weinstein Company.

Now we finally have a trailer, which confirms that the movie is, indeed, about a man from another planet who allies with the Vikings in 6th Century A.D. to kill an alien predator that he accidentally unleashed on earth. All of that remains as awesome as it was in 2006. Some of the footage in the trailer looks a bit murky and generic, which is disappointing, but at least it's clear that they don't back away from that killer plot hook. Jim Caviezel does indeed arrive in Viking-ruled Norway on a spaceship, and that's basically all I need to hear. Let the geek-out commence.

The movie, which co-stars Sophia Myles (ooooh), John Hurt (aaaah) and Ron Perlman (holy crap!), has no American release date, but I'd be stunned if it doesn't at least appear on DVD in the next year. Keep your eyes peeled. Meanwhile, I welcome estimates of the probability that Outlander will live up to the expectations I've set. Myself, I can't imagine it's over 25%. But we'll see.

Very cool of rowthree to catch the trailer appearing on the film's official website.