Cinematical has just received this exclusive clip from the film Boy A, which I managed to catch earlier this year at the Tribeca Film Festival. Truth be told, I really dug it -- the film follows this kid named Jack (played by up-and-comer Andrew Garfield) who's released from prison after spending several years behind bars for a crime he committed as a child. Determined to get back on track, Jack, with help from his counselor Terry (Peter Mullan), tries to start over again in a new town with a new name and a new life. But how long will it be before his previous life catches up to him, and will Jack ever manage to build a successful future for himself if his past won't leave him alone?

In the clip above, Jack and his work buddy are driving along on a road when something catches their eye. That something would eventually change the course of the film. Really solid movie from start to finish, and it's beautifully shot -- some of the best cinematography I've seen all year. Definitely seek this one out when it hits theaters on July 23. You won't be disappointed.