If you like comic book movies, family-friendly adventure stories, or terrible Eddie Murphy comedies, then there's a good chance you'll be pleased with what the multiplexes are offering this weekend. But if you want to take a walk on the art house side, there are plenty of options, too -- and that's what "Indie Spotlight," a weekly roundup of what's opening in limited release, is all about.

Today's movies are, in alphabetical order: August, Death Defying Acts, Eight Miles High, Full Battle Rattle, Garden Party, Harold, Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired, and The Stone Angel. And here's a rundown, in highly subjective non-alphabetical order! If the ones you like aren't playing near you yet, make a note of 'em for later.

Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired
What it is: A documentary about the Oscar-winning director's statutory rape scandal in the 1970s, and how it is viewed today.
What they're saying:Cinematical's Christopher Campbell has mostly praise for the film, which he says is thought-provoking regardless of your feelings on Mr. Polanski. Erik Davis reviewed it at Sundance and called it "not the most powerful or emotional film, but ... engaging enough." At Rotten Tomatoes, it's sitting at 80% fresh.
Where it's playing: New York City's Quad Cinema.
Official site: There doesn't seem to be one.

Garden Party
What it is: One of those strangers-intersecting-with-each-other ensemble dramas set amid the young and starry-eyed denizens of L.A. Robert Altman's Short Cuts is an obvious comparison.
What they're saying:Cinematical's Jeffrey M. Anderson is pretty lukewarm on it. At Rotten Tomatoes, seven of the nine reviews posted so far are negative.
Where it's playing: Los Angeles (Monica 4, Sunset 5, University Town Center in Irvine, Playhouse 7 in Pasadena), New York (Village East Cinema), Portland (Fox Tower), and Seattle (Varsity Theater).
Official site:Garden Party Movie, featuring candid stories from real-life young and starry-eyed L.A. denizens.
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