While everyone was talking about Rose McGowan's machine gun-leg and Kurt Russell's road rage ways, at least the same amount of chatter, if not more, of the buzz surrounding Grindhouse was relegated to the faux trailers. Machete made such a big impact that for months many of us were musing about a Danny Trejo-starring feature film. But what about those Werewolf Women of the SS?

According to a post put up today on Rob Zombie'sMySpace blog, we'll get more of the ladies in comic book form. The blog says: "Werewolf Women of the SS is back! This time it's back as a comic book series! The wacky exploits of Commandant Hess, Lt. Boorman, Von Strasser Eva and Gretchen Krupp, Fu Manchu and even Hiltler will be coming you way. Everything you ever wanted to know about Project Pure Wolf but were afraid to ask!"

Creating an entire story for fans to drool over is certainly a way to whip up buzz and head toward feature territory. We've seen the trailer, full of Nick Cage, Udo Kier, and more -- is now time for them to grace the pages of the comic book world? Hopefully it will be with less exclamation points.

[via Horror-Movies.ca]
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