We're big fans of the work they do over on AMCTV.com, and so we were pleasantly surprised to hear they wanted to feature Cinematical as their site of the week. AMCTV writer Christine Fall asked us a whole bunch of questions in preparation for her piece and I feel she definitely nailed the vibe around here -- one that mixes both mainstream and indie, and attempts to introduce you, the reader, to an entire world full of film. And I like to think we have a little fun now and then, too.

This quote from Cinematical's Kim Voynar summed things up quite well, when Christine asked what it's like to work on a website that reaches so many and covers so much: "Picture us as a gang of wildly diverse people all chained together through our computers, like a bunch of geeks playing World of Warcraft 24/7, only we're film geeks writing about film." Check out the entire article over here, and make sure to stick around and scope out the rest of what AMCTV.com has to offer.

Right on! Thanks AMC!