...and here's where I usually shake my virtual fist at the horror heavens and ask "Why? Holy sweet sausage on rye, WHY the holy hell are they offering up a sequel to Pulse, which is easily one of the lamest of all the very lame J-horror remakes?" (Dramatic pause) "Why?!?"

But I won't. There's obviously some sort of fan-base for this title, because movie studios don't bang out sequels (even DTV sequels) if they don't expect some sort of return on their investment. If we're looking for silver linings, we could note that both White Noise 2 and Wrong Turn 2 were more entertaining than first expected -- but if we choose to go the snarky route we could remind you that the star of Pulse ended up mocking it (to hilarious effect) in Forgetting Sarah Marshall! (Dang that scene made me laugh.)

Written and directed by Joel Soisson, Pulse 2: Afterlife stars Jamie Bamber from Battlestar: Galactica and a whole bunch of actors I've never heard of. (I don't mean that in a nasty way.) I'm assuming the plot has something to do with supernatural technology. Visit Shock for the brand-new cover art, and circle September 30 on your calendar if this is a title you're after. And hey, at least it's not PG-13, right? Matter of fact: Rated R for violence, disturbing images, some sexuality, nudity and language. Already it's better than the first one.
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