Here's some more casting news, courtesy of Variety:

First up is twenty-something comedian Dan Levy. He has worked under Bill & Ted's Alex Winter in television's Dirty Famous, and on the big screen side of things, we're about to see him play "Snooty Man" in The House Bunny. Now, on top of acting alongside a scary-looking (in the film) Anna Faris, Levy has nabbed a role in Mardi Gras. This is one of those Maxim flicks -- the one that already stars West from Heroes. So, this probably won't help his career, but at least he gets to party.

In an entirely different vein, Boris Kodjoe is signing on for another science fiction role. He's already completed a stint in Starship Troopers 3: Marauder (I wish I was kidding), and now he's picked up a role in Disney's sci-fi thriller called The Surrogates. This is NOT that flick where unsuspecting would-be parents pick an insane surrogate, but rather, the one that just got a creepy set photo. There is no word on who he'll play in the robotic flick.

Finally, there's a new gig for one of the sexy ladies from Grindhouse. Vanessa Ferlito has picked up a much less gruesome role in Tyler Perry's latest -- Madea Goes to Jail. She gets to play some woman named Donna. But that's not all that we can see her in. She's also got a gig in Humboldt Park and Julie & Julia on the way.
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