What? You say it's the summertime and you don't want to think about horrible things that go slash in the night? Bah! Any time is the right time to talk Halloween, if you ask me, and soon we'll be awash in the stuff anyway. A six-disk Halloween: 30th Anniversary box set is on its way, according to Shock Til You Drop. This will be, unofficially, the one millionth edition / repackaging of John Carpenter's horror classic.

The set will include the restored original 1978 version, the extended edition (I'm assuming with the extra footage added for broadcast on TV), "25 Years of Terror," Halloween 4 DiviMax and Halloween 5 DiviMax ("DiviMax" meaning remastered in high definition), and Halloween on Blu-ray (?!). As further incentive, a miniature Michael Myers mask will be included. With this edition, we can safely call Anchor Bay the "masters of repackaging." DVD Active has the box set art, release date (October 7), suggested retail price ($89.97) and a few details on the extensive marketing campaign planned to celebrate the 30th anniversary.

But wait, there's more! If you're one of the dozen or so people who actually prefer Rob Zombie's "vision" of Halloween, you'll be able to bask in all the gory goodness to your bloody heart's content on the same day. Fangoria has details of Zombie's three-disk "Unrated Collector's Edition," which will include a FOUR AND A HALF HOUR making of doc. That's as far as I read, but you check out the rest at Fangoria.

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