Napoleon Dynamite, also known as Jon Heder, is certainly keeping himself busy with surprising roles. Who ever would have thought that he'd don skates and take on some male-male ice skating action? But this news -- it's even more brow-raising. Eons ago, back in 2006, Erik posted about how the guy was whipping up a project called Loudermilk with his brothers, Dan and Doug. Erik mused about scientific experiments and trading places with milk, but the reality is just as wacky -- he's going to become a superhero ... sort of.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Craig Zobel has signed on to rewrite Chris Bowman's script, and they've finally released the plot. The flick will center on a Napoleon-like "oddball who becomes contaminated with a substance that gives him what might arguably be considered superpowers." It's both a blessing and a curse for the dude -- but at least it's not a magnetized mix-up Jack Black-style. The Heders seem quite into Zobel's "cinema-verite style," but the guy has also got a certain Internet celeb under his belt -- he's the co-founder of Homestar Runner.

This seems to be just one low-budget comedy of many on the way for Heder and his brothers. Does the world need more Dynamite? How about if a little Strongbad is included in the flavor?
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