Whoopi Goldberg sort of had it coming in Ghost. She was a hack of a psychic, so it was poetic justice to get haunted by Patrick Swayze.This time around, it's still justice, but not the kind you would expect. Up above, you can check out the trailer for Ghost Town, which popped up on YouTube over the weekend.

Ricky Gervais stars as a jerky dentist who can't be bothered to do the simplest thing for another person -- like, say, hold the elevator. But then he goes in for a colonoscopy and dies for a little less than seven minutes. Upon leaving the hospital, he discovers he can see dead people. Lots and lots of dead people. Of course, in a predicament like this, he has to face his jerkish past, but he also has to do something else -- help the ghost of Greg Kinnear keep his widowed wife from shacking up with the wrong guy. The comedy looks cute -- if a bit too familiar. It'll hit theaters this September.