As I posted last week, the trailer for High School Musical 3: Senior Year was scheduled to hit Disney yesterday, and it did. You can check it out big or small and shnazzy over at, but since it's location-locked, I'm including the YouTube video of the premiere after the jump -- and make sure you head on over to Moviefone to see their exclusive photos (including the one above) from the film.

Now it's mostly what you'd figure -- the perfect-looking kids singing pop songs while dealing with the woes of big-screen high school. In this case, it's basketball and lots of romance, but there's also some Footloose flavor in there. Well, that's what I'm assuming since the trailer shows some clips of Zac Efron dancing about in a plaid shirt and a white tee in an industrial yard. But seeing that he takes that look into the classroom -- is plaid back in style?!

The kids finally get to graduate this October 24.