Frank Miller's The Spirit just took a turn for the bizarre. The full trailer is up at Film School Rejects, at least for now (the teaser is here, permanently), and it makes the movie look downright avant-garde. The accompanying Rejects blog post calls the look and feel of the film "forced," and I have to agree, even as I recognize that it's not fair to make such a judgment from a promotional clip. But then the post also badmouths Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, at which point it lost me.

Anyhow, my fear is that The Spirit will prize style to the exclusion of a story that can be taken seriously -- something both Sin City and Sky Captain avoided doing. There really aren't any words for the costumes Samuel L. Jackson wears in the second half of the trailer, and I can't imagine I'll be able to watch him in the movie without giggling. On the other hand, misguided complaints about 300not withstanding, I can't imagine Frank Miller ever generating anything to be giggled at.

Can anyone who's familiar with the source material -- a comic book not by Frank Miller, but by Will Eisner -- shed any light on what's going on in that trailer?