One of the funkiest uses of the Internet is that it makes it possible for movie geeks all over the world to get their hands on props from their favorite movies -- whether they be huge blockbuster smashes, or small indie gems.

On the Auction Block today is currency that's good in the world of Hogwarts and magic. It's a small, copper Knut prop coin used during Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for the scene that shows the treasure in Gringotts. Check it out here. There are many places where you can buy replica coins, but that's not quite like owning a piece of the film, when that cute bespeckled kid first faced the world of magic.

It'll be up for the rest of the day, it has a COA (Certificate of Authenticity), and it's a Buy It Now item priced at $60 US, which means you can nab it without having to bid and fight other fans for it.

But if something else is more your style, this auction store has a bunch of props that include newspapers from Superman 3. It's not the best of the franchise, but at least it's the Christopher Reeve version.

If you know of any cool movie items currently on the auction block, email us at ... tips @ cinematical DOT com.
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