Christopher Nolan's "real world" Batman is the best thing to happen to the character since, frankly, Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. If there's one flaw in the series thus far, it is that Nolan's Batman is just a little too solitary, a little too dour. Nowhere is this more apparent than in his choice of female companions -- or rather, the lack thereof.

Now, Nolan deserves a round of applause for inventing the character of Rachel Dawes. Such professional, intelligent and classy women are rare in action movies, let alone those inspired by the superhero genre. Regardless of what you think of Katie Holmes' performance, the character of Dawes was real, which made Bruce Wayne's feelings for her that much more special. But really -- is Dawes the only woman in all of Gotham City? It sure seems like it. And what if Rachel and Bruce call it quits? What will Batman do for female companionship? And if Dawes does stick around, wouldn't it be great to see that there are other cool chicks in Gotham City? Adding another woman or two, and a bit of romantic friction (just a bit -- I trust that Nolan wouldn't go too far with the mushy stuff) would take off some of Batman's dour edge. And so, here are seven chicks ripped from the comic pages that I would like to see appear in Nolan's franchise. (And a special thanks to Alan Kistler of ComicMix for helping me out on this one.) They appear after the jump, and as always, feel free to chime in with your own picks below!