Over the last handful of years, knitting has taken a turn for the funky. I got into it myself when I spotted a how-to for a Henry Rollins doll in Stitch 'n Bitch Nation. (Of course, I've yet to finish it, but that's beside the point.) Grabbing needles or a crochet hook can result in something uber funky, whether it's adorable adipose (make it with felt too) or little uber cute Batman collectibles.

In honor of The Dark Knight finally hitting theaters, Paperheroes has posted two tiny, very cute dolls for the occasion. There's a dark and somber Batman all in black, ready to bring pain to the evildoers in Gotham, plus a smudged-lip, smiling Joker ready to be the thorn in Batman's knit side. The perk with these creations is that even if you're not the crafty sort, she's got them for sale in her etsy shop. There are even dolls from other features -- the shop also includes Edward Cullen (Twilight) dolls, plus Yoda, Pride and Prejudice, and other goodies.

If you ever spot or make any awesome fan-made movie creations, drop us a line at tips @ cinematical DOT com!
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