Create Your Own

Okay, I know, I know -- you've probably overdosed on Batman by now. You get it. You're seeing the damn movie this weekend. The Dark Knight. You know its name. It's on the schedule right after Junior's soccer game. End of story. Say no more. But I just had to show you this little piece of viral marketing that's just all sorts of spooky. Verizon just put out an online thingy where you can upload your photo and be instantly transported to Arkham Asylum (that place where all the nutty folks are sent in the Batman universe). Check out the video I created up above (how loony do I look?), then head on over to their site, create your own and/or mess around with your pals at work. Seriously, what else do you have to do today? Those TPS Reports can wait an extra hour. Go get your freak on!

[Thanks Todd]