We're always hearing about the collision of video games and the movies: how video games have become more cinematic and how movies have become more like video games. And it seems like someone is always trying to figure out how to adapt a video game into a movie; Jessica Barnes just told us about a script review for Paul W.S. Anderson's Castlevania, for example. We hear less often about filmmakers making the leap, unless it's an adaptation of a big budget tentpole.

All that to preface the news that Sawdirector James Wan has made a trailer for the upcoming science fiction / horror game Dead Space, due out on multiple platforms in late October. Dread Central has the evocative trailer for the game about alien hostiles, dead passengers, and a desperate fight to survive. Evidently Wan didn't shoot any original footage for the trailer; he simply cut together an intriguing series of scenes that make it plain what the game is about.

Dead Space will come out just in time to compete with Saw V, which carries Wan's name as executive producer, and continues his string of death-related titles (Dead Silence, which was fair to middling, and Death Sentence, a very solid, pulpy vigilante flick with Kevin Bacon that was unfairly ignored). Wan and Leigh Whannell have also been linked to Brash Entertainment's development of a video game based on Saw.