It's rare when geek culture and mainstream movie-goers unite together in barely suppressed excitement. It's so rare that, frankly, it's downright weird when it happens. I'm watching the breathless anticipation that is accompanying The Dark Knight from all corners of the media, from places as diverse as Jezebel and Slate, and wondering how did it come to this...

Don't get me wrong. It's great. I haven't seen The Dark Knight yet (I seem to be the only internet writer who didn't catch a press screening), but I feel it could be a film worthy to unite the masses. When my friends asked me, back in the depths of winter, which summer films would be the biggest and best, I didn't hesitate. "Wall E and The Dark Knight." I maintained this opinion, despite the impending arrivals of Crystal Skull, Angelina Jolie, and The Hulk.

Nevertheless, I'm still not sure where the Dark Knight mania came from. A similar excitement preceded last year's 300, but I think that was largely due to the glut of advertising, TV spots and MySpace banners in the weeks beforehand. This year, Iron Man had a similar effect, but it was practically overnight, and driven largely by the shockingly good reviews. And even so, I have friends and family who still haven't gotten around to seeing Iron Man or 300 despite the buzz – but they've had Dark Knight earmarked for months.

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