It was only last month that I was wondering what exactly happened to Thomas Ian Nicholas. After his friend got married to the band geek, he sort of disappeared from sight. But then recently he joined the new Nicole Holofcener film, and now he's going to be a fantasy hero. Oh, if only I was joking...

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Brian Metcalf, a visual effects supervisor, is making his directorial debut with a fantasy flick called Fading of the Cries. The indie film will star Thomas Ian Nicholas as "a young man who defends his town from evil forces, aided by a magic sword." I looked, twice, but the magic word "comedy" is nowhere to be seen. Is this really for real? And who on earth decided that TIN would be the right guy for a fantasy film? It's not quite Jessica Simpson doing Shakespeare, but it's surprising enough.

I can barely wrap my head around the thought of Nicholas seriously carrying around a "magic sword." How about you?
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