While there have been a lot of interesting summer movies to check out this year, from Indy to Wall-E, there are only three that have inspired me to make opening night plans. The first is this week's The Dark Knight, followed by August 8th's Huey Lewis-themed The Pineapple Express, and finally, the wonder that is Tropic Thunder. And now you can rejoice! The Ben Stiller comedy is coming to us earlier.

Ignore that "15" on the wonderful poster to the right, because DreamWorks has moved the comedy up two days to the 13th of August. Sure, it's not a whole bunch of time, but it does cut the wait by a few days. And really -- DreamWorks can't bump it back a week, because then it would be in direct competition with the stoner flick. This new date will give the film a head start on its weekend competition -- Mirrors and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, although I think it will find more competition from the Rogen-led Express.

Do you think this is a good move for the film, and are you ready to change your Wednesday the 13th plans?
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