According to Variety, Warner Bros and Capcom (who is becoming very hands on with its movie adaptations) are teaming up to bring an adaptation of Lost Planet to the big screen. The script is to be penned by David Hayter, who is fresh off Watchmen.

Funnily enough, Variety is describing the story as revolving around an expedition to an ice planet that harbors an energy source which could save all of mankind. Well, I've never played this, but just looking at the cover proves that to be an understatement. What would he need that big gun for if it's just a simple expedition?

Well, obviously there's more to it than that. It actually follows a group of snow pirates who battle the local nasties, the Akrid, to obtain the precious commodity known as thermal energy. (This is why it's easier to be a pirate in the Caribbean.) One pilot, Wayne, is rescued from an untimely death, and has an unfortunate case of amnesia. He can only remember bits and pieces of his past, including the death of his father by the monstrous Akrid. But as he searches for the truth of his attack, he uncovers a conspiracy that could destroy not only the Akrid, but all the snow pirates. Now that sounds like a more promising movie. Hopefully, some of you readers have played the game, and can sound off on whether it deserves to be on the big screen or not.

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