It seemed like one of those not-to-be-believed rumors when Erik wrote about it last October. At least, that's what I hoped, but no. It's true. We're getting Scream 4.

Yesterday, The Weinstein Company sent out a press release about how it's signed a 7-year pay-television deal with Showtime, to begin with the company's 2009 slate (that includes flicks like Inglorious Bastards and Dimension flicks like Youth in Revolt). (Read it in its entirety after the jump.) Nestled towards the end, the press release says the deal includes "the remake of David Cronenberg's Scanners, re-starting the Scream franchise with Scream 4, and Piranha 3D."

The first was amazing. The second was okay. The third absolutely sucked. And now we're getting a fourth. At least they're restarting things, because really, I don't know how many relatives can come out of the woodwork to wreak havoc on Sidney Prescott. But how much of a restart will this sequel be, and what could they possibly teach us about scary movies this time around? That the bad guy never completely dies?

That's it! Beware folks, Randy Meeks could come back from the dead and still be the real mastermind!
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