If you're a fan of the 1999 BBC series that turned Clive Owen into a movie star, I've got some good news. If, however, you're just an average American who has never heard of Second Sight, then I simply have some news. And here it is:

Universal has decided to turn the series into a movie. Producers Don Murphy and Susan Montford have tapped screenwriter Craig Rosenberg to do the adaptation duty. According to Variety, it's about a cop "who leads an elite unit that tackles high-profile murder cases while suffering from a rare degenerative eye disease that causes hallucinations and increasing blindness." Wait, the whole unit suffers from a rare degenerative eye disease? Because that's either one amazing coincidence or one really inept personnel manager.

For the sort of movie we might expect, let's note that Don Murphy was a producer on Transformers, Shoot 'Em Up, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and (the very underrated) From Hell. For Mr. Rosenberg's part, he's a relative new guy who's done a lot of work on Lost (and he also penned After the Sunset), but he also has The Uninvited on the way.

No word yet on who'll be starring as the optically-challenged policeman, but I'm sure nobody would mind if Clive Owen signed up for the job.

Special Note: This project is in no way related to this film. Shame on you for even remembering this film.
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