Yeah, you know John Stockwell. Every movie nerd should. He directed Into the Blue, Turistas, Blue Crush... OK, he played cool kid Dennis Guilder in John Carpenter's Christine. That's how most movie nerds know the guy. (He's actually been in a whole bunch of movies, like Top Gun and Losin' It and ... My Science Project.) So now it looks like Mr. Stockwell has his next directorial gig lined up, and he'll be working with one of the horror adaptation specialists.

THR informs us that Stockwell will direct Sanctuary, which sounds a bit like Sleeping With the Enemy, only with a horror twist: A woman and her son take refuge from her terrible ex-husband, only the island they've chosen just might be haunted. Oops. The screenplay comes from Stephen Susco, he of The Grudge, The Grudge 2, and Red, and it's based on the novel Bad Men, by John Connolly. Umm, and based on some of the things I just read at the novel's Amazon page, it's something I'll definitely pick up once I'm done reading this very fun book.

No word on why they didn't stick with the original title. I think it's much cooler.
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